We always knew that the demographics of Oakland made it one of the most diverse cities in the country, but we did not know that Vallejo is, by the numbers, even more evenly diverse.

NerdWallet has just put together a top ten list of diverse cities based on the latest census data, and Vallejo comes in at number one, with a population almost equally divided between white, black, Hispanic, and Asian. The North Bay's Suisun City lands at number three, and Oakland is number four, now being 26.3% White, 27% Black, 24.9% Latino, and 17.9% Asian.

And the Bay Area pretty much wins in this sort of survey, because we actually four of the ten most diverse cities in the country, with Oakland-adjacent San Leandro coming in a close fifth.

The biggest city on the list, New York City, meanwhile, comes in eighth.

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