Back in May, noted pork purveyor Bacon Bacon was forced to close the doors of its Upper Haight/Cole Valley outpost due in part to neighbor's complaints about the "obnoxious" and "acrid" smell of bacon emanating from the space (as well as confusion over a permitting issue). Yesterday, Bacon Bacon was exonerated after a city hearing, although owner Jim Angelus will have to install a ventilation system that should mitigate some of the smells in front of its Frederick Street shop.

The conflict between porkophiles and neighborhood porkophobes sparked a nationwide fixation that included an SNL skit and a recent Wall Street Journal headline, which noted that "the Haight-Ashbury district was all about peace and love until bacon entered the picture" and "the scent of bacon grease was blowin' in the wind" (ugh, and ugh).

The lead up to the hearing was a flurry of community agitation, both by supporters and opponents of the bacontastic outpost. Vocal meatlovers are nothing new in this city, and Uppercasing received a notice under their doors urging neighbors to stand strong against the bacon activists, noting that "This should not be a popularity contest but a matter of what is proper business behavior and right for a residential neighborhood."

Aside from the new ventilation system, Angelus has agreed to use his other location inside Brick and Mortar for the commissary kitchen to prep food for the Bacon Bacon truck. The Upper Haight Bacon Bacon should reopen in a couple months.

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