It was an eventful day in the Civic Center area last night. Around 8:30 p.m., shots were fired around Leavenworth and McAllister Streets. Police gave chase to a silver Mercedes containing three men and a woman.

The car gave police a wild ride across the Bay Bridge, refusing to yield to the pursuing officers and tossing a gun out the window around Market Street and West Grand Avenue in Oakland. Police lost track of the car at that point.

The car then crashed into Joshua Christian Church in West Oakland, going completely through the wall and into the building. No one was seriously injured.

The two male and one female passengers were arrested, along with the third man, who was located on 22nd and Curtis Streets.

Joshua Christian Church Pastor Donald Scurry stood by as the car was removed by tow truck later in the night. He joked that the driver must have really wanted to make it to the morning service on time.

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