Did you know about S.F.'s erotic supper club, "Our Gourmet Life"? Even if you didn't, you've probably assumed that a) something like that exists and b) the food is probably mediocre.

Enter Aurora Wells, who recently shed light on the supper club and shared her experience as a server for Our Gourmet Life for New York Magazine. The dinner parties, which have been thrown by self-taught cook Chris Hubbard and his dancer wife since 2011, feature servers who go from running plates to some decidedly un-health department approved fondling (read the piece for a new definition of "fork-feeding"). To wit:

"... it became clear that the Harem Coordinator and one or more servers lived there with Hubbard and his wife — like a sex-cult family. Women were primping or lounging, drumsticks in hand ... I greeted the H.C. on the couch; he was casually fingering a server as she chewed fleshy mouthfuls of poultry."

Yum? To be fair, that was back when the dinners were wilder and less "refined" than they are today. Once dinner starts the rules of the experience state that all touching should occur above the waist, but you're welcome to stare all you want. From Our Gourmet Life's website:

Our hauntingly beautiful staff weave elements of eroticism throughout your dining experience. From the sensual way they serve dinner, adorned in mini-aprons and sexy heels, to the way they play with each other across from you...expect to be tantalized.

Far be it for us to critique anyone's sexual fantasies, but doesn't this all seem just a little bit passé? I mean, mini-aprons and black masks? Heels and nipple caviar? It all sounds a little eighties, doesn't it?

The appeal for diners is pretty clear, but what about the servers themselves? Wells explains that working as a server is an opportunity to explore her sexy side and get loose with other attractive people. It's certainly not money: all the sexy servers are unpaid volunteers.

But while posing as a "statue" bent over a table for 45 minutes sounds more like work than pleasure to us, this is S.F. after all. Land of sexual freedom, avid foodies, etc. etc. Whatever floats your gravy boat is alright by us, whether it's refined french fusion with sexy servers or something a little more original, like hot pastrami in bed.

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