Et tu, Wintour?

Gone is the magazine's use of underage, wafer-thin models that promote eating disorders and thus further the war on women in the name of fashion, society's greatest hoax. (Ha, kidding! All of that, sadly, still happens.) Digesting is in. And in the July issue of Vogue, the owner of Tartine and Bar Tartine, Chad Robertson, gets a beautiful, dare we say Grace Coddington-esque spread in the style rag of choice.

Furthermore, they go on to describe Robertson as "the cult prince of American breadmaking." (Did they mean "demon"? It stands with reason that the editorial staff at Vogue would probably file breadmaking under the category of demonic arts. Anyway.) A perfect title as Robertson's bread skills are royally remarkable.

Look for the issue to hit newsstands soon, with that Katy Perry girl on the cover.