Maybe you think your landlord's awful because they raise the rent every year and never got around to fixing your shower. Well, listen here: It could be worse. Some of you may recall the story of Kip and Nicole Macy, two landlords now in their late 30s who owned a building on Clementina Street in the mid-aughts. Their story came out in 2008 when they were arrested for burglarizing and generally terrorizing their own tenants, even at one point pouring ammonia all over their belongings.

They were eventually indicted by a grand jury, but they disappeared in 2010, only to be found just last month in Italy. They were extradited, and now, finally, they're in jail and each facing about four years in prison. This time they're being held on $2 million bail.

SF Weekly rehashes some of the incidents in their reign of terror, one of which included sawing holes through a tenants floor while they were in their unit in order to potentially make the floors collapse so they could red-tag the whole building.

[SF Weekly]

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