The wage dispute between Local 2 and AT&T Park's concessionaire and Centerplate boiled over again yesterday as concession workers again went on strike. Between 300 and 400 protesters gathered outside the ballpark yesterday evening in an effort to improve wages, job security, and healthcare.

About 50 protesters entered the ballpark with tickets, but some were arrested after the group staged a sit-in near Section 119 and a Gilroy's Garlic Fries location. Police presented the terms of the ballpark's entry to the protesters, which stipulate that ticketholders can be ejected for misbehavior. About 40 protesters left the park and the remaining 10 chose to be booked by police.

Local 2 ballpark workers also went on strike on May 25. The union is seeking pay raises and other improvements and cites the fact that pay has remained flat over the last three years, while ballpark and Giants franchise profits have risen due to two World Series victories. "Despite steep increases in the price of tickets and food items at the ballpark, the concession workers - who are employed by the Giants’ subcontractor, Centerplate - have been left behind," says a union press release.

It's unclear whether concession workers will be striking at today's game against the Padres, but you might want to pack food in in solidarity or just in case.

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