On the heels of an overflow that had Oakland Police Headquarters quite literally in the crapper, another venerable Oakland institution has gone to sh*t.

On Sunday, a raw sewage leak flooded both locker rooms at the Oakland Coliseum, forcing the A's and the visiting Mariners to share the Raiders' locker room after the game, creating an awkward situation that will doubtless be memorialized in an upcoming porno.

The problem also affected the umpires’ room and all bathrooms on the clubhouse level, as well as both managers’ offices and the Mariners’ training room. A's owner Lee Wolff employed a few irresistible fecal puns while discussing the situation with USA Today:

"It's all a bunch of crap. It's a sad situation ... I'm not the one in charge of raw sewage. Then again, maybe I am."

Maybe indeed. Wolff explained that this isn't a new problem, and blamed the building's infrastructure difficulties on its old age. The Coliseum was opened in 1966 and has been plagued with age-related challenges. A few years ago, the Angels filed an official complaint over a similar incident.

Fortunately, the state of the As' locker rooms does not reflect the team's season. The A's are leading the AL West division with a 42-30 record.

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