Golly. Big, unofficially the City's best little bar, will close tonight. And they will celebrate their going-out party with a day- and night-long bash. But fear not, folks, as this won't be the last you hear of Big.

As Eater points out: "Because of Big, we were introduced to the talents of barman Brian Felley, and he and partners Peter Glikshtern and Jeff Whitmore are going to open something else, likely on Mid-Market, in a matter of months."

Also, Inside Scoop has more on tonight's festivities: "The bar is extending hours for its finale, and will open at noon today. All-day, there will be $5 tacos from Tango & Stache, along with the requisite cocktail fun. And then, Big will close, ending a fun little run that was cut too short; it’s the kind of place that would’ve been a good mainstay for San Francisco."

SFist talked to Josh Oakley, of Tango & Stanche, who gave us his thoughts on the bar's closure thusly: "BIG set the precedent. It shall be the best biggest littlest cocktail bar in San Francisco. And I for one, will miss it terribly."

See why tonight.

Big: 761 Post (at Leavenworth), S.F.