Despite Twitter assertions that he was "2 blessed 2 stress" over last week's armed hold-up, rapper 2 Chainz does indeed look a tad stressed in this video of the incident, captured by security cameras.

As the video shows, 2 Chainz (aka Tauheed Epps) and his entourange were approached by a skipping gunman on the 800 block of Howard Street on Sunday afternoon. Despite 2 Chainz' claims that he was not the intended target, the gunman clearly points his weapon at 2 Chainz, who makes a run for it along with his friends.

The group had allegedly just come from the Green Door dispensary, a medicinal marijuana dispensary.

Incidentally, 2 Chainz was booked on possession charges at LAX the next day, but although he had pot on him, the offending item was Promethazine, one of the 2 main ingredients in sizzurp, ie purple drank.

2 Chainz is still downplaying the robbery, attempted or otherwise. On Tuesday night, he tweeted:

That's the spirit!

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