While dining at a Burger King location in forgettable Willits, CA ("Gateway to the Redwoods!"), Yolanda Orozco says she discovered something extra sharp on her cheeseburger. Apparently Orozco peeled back the bun to make sure employees had indeed let her "have it your way" (no onions, in her case) and discovered the razor blade tucked under the cheese.

"I bit off of it, I checked for onions and then I saw a razor blade in there," Orozco told the local news. ""I was in shock. I was just looking at it. Somebody at Burger King was careless."

Police suspected Orozco was trying to scam the national burger chain into a lawsuit — not unlike that one lady who claimed she found a finger in her chili at a Northern California Wendy's — but later found more razor blades all over the restaurant, including three in the food prep area. According to employees, the razor blades are used for cleaning.

Willits Police Officer Mark McNelley, rightfully skeptical of that story, spent six hours investigating, interviewing employees and trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. Using his razor-sharp detective skills, McNelley and his partner determined there was no criminal wrongdoing because it is apparently not against the law to store razor blades where they found them in the condiment area or above the burger warming trays.

The Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health has stepped in to require better training and a razor blade tracking system at the Willits franchise. The restaurant's owner offered to make good to Orozco, but for the time being she says, "They've called me and offered to see what I need. But right now, I'm just really paranoid."

The local news report, meanwhile, is spot-on with the alarmist tone (stay tuned until 1:10 for the "re-creation"):

If you're still hungry for a cheeseburger. (We are!) Here are a few we might suggest.

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