While en route to a radio show in San Francisco recently, Bob Saget, Tanner family father, stopped by Lower Pacific Heights to pose in front of the original Full House victorian.

Saget told Us Weekly that the visit to the house wasn't planned. "I was going to do a big radio show, and I said to my driver, 'Radio can wait, take me to the Full House house.' It literally was a drive-by. I photobombed the Full House house yesterday ... I took like 20 pictures because I thought I didn't look good in any of these -- you can't see the house! You gotta really show that that's the house!"

His former costars, Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey, commented on Saget's halcyon photo. "Cool, The Munsters' house," Jessie (John Stamos) tweeted. And Joey (Dave Coulier) added, "Can you see if my underpants are still hanging on the gutter?"

The house, located in Lower Pac Heights (not Alamo Square!) can be found at 1709 Broderick. According to Zillow, it estimates for $2,332,175.

In related news, did you know that Kimmy Gibbler should be considered a fashion icon? True. Here she is giving us Missoni inspiration back in the early '90s. And here she is pulling off boho chic before it was a thing. Now we know where Mary-Kate gets it.