Video of the "naked, spitting and pissing man" who wreaked havoc on 16th Street BART station during a Friday rush hour last month has hit YouTube. And it is harrowing to say the least. As we heard from news sources and eyewitnesses in the station, the man can be seen chasing after a woman, who falls to the ground before bystanders pull him off. The woman was able to take refuge in the ticketing booth along with the station agent who filmed the whole thing while calling for help from BART police and SFPD (who seemingly take forever to respond).

After the attempted sexual assault, the second half of the video shows the man performing naked acrobatics on top of the railings and fare gates, flopping around violently on the floor, and getting noticed, but ignored, by transit-hardened commuters:

He was shortly detained by police after the incident and held for mental evaluation.

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