While Apple isn't expected to release a new iPhone or iPad at this week's World Wide Developers Conference, they will (possibly) jazz up their laptop line. And more.

Washington Post reports: "At last year’s conference, Apple unveiled a new version of the MacBook Pro and an updated MacBook Air. Kuo expects a new version of the MacBook Pro that is thinner and sports an upgrade to Intel’s Haswell processor, and possibly a new MacBook Air with improved microphones."

The company might also unveil a new music streaming service, possibly called iRadio, to compete with Pandora and Spotify. We will almost certainly see iOS 7. Maybe even a new version of OS X?

These possible product announcements, while groovy for many a Mac fac, pale in comparison to the years where iPads and new iPhones were announced during the WWDC. No shiny new trinkets equals many sad faces.

Forbes notes: "Apple hasn’t unveiled a new product since its Oct. 23 introduction of the iPad mini, with critics saying the unprecedented 230-day 'drought' between product rollouts may be a sign it has lost its way without visionary co-founder Steve Jobs to drive innovation." Apple’s stock has plummeted to a third of its value from a $702.10 in September.

On a lighter note, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak keeps it real by arriving at the WWDC on a Segway. Excellent.

You can watch the keynote address at 10 am (PST) streamed live at Apple.