We have a new favorite crazy cannon on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. And her name is London Breed. For whatever reason, Ms. Breed will only respond to a constituent with respect and insight via email; but on Twitter, do not come for her unless she sends for you. For Supervisor Breed is prone to such hashtagging as #suchahater, as well as spitting out gems like "you started it," "ohhhh I'm scared," and "if you pay my salary, I want a raise to listen to your bullshit."

Some of her constituents are understandably #butthurt over it. Uppercasing complied some of Breed's best tweets over the last week during a communique with @cynthia_says. Following is just a sample of the Twitter dramaz going on.

Check out more of the heated exchange. The District 5 supervisor has done this before, back in April when she went off on criticism railed against her.

Breed keeps is real, sure. She also keeps it untrustworthy. If Cynthia had said that same thing to Breed at a town meeting, would Breed respond that way from the podium? No, she would not. People who are all "fuck you!" online and then nice in person are typically not to be trusted. Something to keep in mind.

Update: In light of the Twitter drama, Breed promises to stay "boring" and "politically correct."