What's more important than the tranquility and environmental delicacy of Big Sur? Sean Parker, it seems. The early-aughts throwback, if you recall, held his wedding in Bug Sur (a place that, for many, is as sacred as Tibet) last week, and trashed the place. But not before paying $2.5 million in fines to state regulators. In a letter to the Atlantic, Parker called his wedding "subtle," "tasteful," and "carefully orchestrated."

This is what passes for subtle.

Outside of techie circles, Sean Parker is most famous for being portrayed by Justin Timberlake, the male Anne Hathaway, in The Social Network.

UPDATE: Parker is filled with "a great deal of sadness and dismay" at those accusing him of harming nature. "First and foremost is that nobody goes out of their way to get married in a redwood forest unless they really love redwood forests," he writes to the Atlantic. Read his entire tl;dr here.