Joanna Rohrbach of Prancercise LLC is winning the internet this week, obviously, though we were a bit concerned that as she achieved web-wide viral fame in the last 48 hours, she was not profiting any from it because her website had gone offline. Well, it is back, and we need to point you to her marvelous book, a few testimonials, as well as to her very sensible diet tips.

First of all, as we mentioned yesterday, Prancercise dates back to 1989, and Joanna has been a Coral Springs, Florida-based wellness coach and aerobics instructor for two decades now. She has a degree in Health Services from the University of Miami School of Nursing, and advocates a mostly vegetarian lifestyle — not unlike that of a horse! Because, you see, she really digs horses, and strives to imagine herself as one, prancing and galloping her way to health.

To wit:

[One of the components of Prancercise® is] Using imagery to imagine ourselves as a beautiful animal that’s a symbol of beauty, strength and endurance while we’re exercising in order to free our minds of any self image that may be less appealing.

[And] allowing ourselves to fulfill our own sense of self-expression instead of imitating others like monkeys.


[Also] I personally strive to feel light [so] I want to spring off the ground like an antelope!

She has a description of her own diet regimen, which will be familiar to many pescatarians. She eats mostly vegetables and fruits and drinks mostly water, avoiding all processed foods, and eats "small amounts of salmon."

The tagline for the entire Prancercise enterprise: "It’s about Self-Expression. It’s about Non-violence. It’s about Conservation." [Editors' note: What?]

As for testimonials, we have the real ones (in all caps) from her various clients and friends posted on the Prancercise website. (E.g. FLORA STRAUSS, TAMARAC, FL. RETIRED PUBLIC RELATIONS AND FUND RAISING EXECUTVE “JOANNA HAS HELPED ME SUCCEESSFULLY WITH WELLNESS COACHING AND WE SMILE A LOT!”)

And there are the various reviews for her book on Amazon, all posted since Tuesday's explosion on Reddit and everywhere else, which include mostly mock-sincere testimonials about the benefits of Prancercise, but are worth a read nonetheless. (E.g. "I am not going to even prance around the point -- I am a brony. What's a brony? An adult, male fan of My Little Pony. But not just any fan, I am a serious fan... The one thing that the new My Little Pony franchise has not really taken into consideration is the health of their fanbase... That is where Prancercise comes in.")

Lest you want to mock Joanna, or lessen the import of the Prancercise® phenomenon currently sweeping the nation, please enjoy the remixes below, and understand that they make the world a better, and more springy, place.

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