Amy Cleary, author of WineBookGirl, has a daughter, "K," who is some sort of modern gastronomic genius. Anyone who incorporates Boo Berry and 4505 Meats' famous chicharrones must be. See, one day, after her she could no longer find her favorite spicy cereal bars at 4505 Meats, she decided to come up with her own astounding concoction. But better.

In part, Cleary writes:

[K's] first attempt came Mother's Day weekend. She gathered her ingredients: Rice Krispies, mini-marshmallows, butter, chicharrones and the box of Boo-Berry I had purchased months earlier but not opened. She melted, crushed, stirred and pressed the ingredients into a pan to cool. As soon as they were even somewhat close to cool, we cut into them and tasted. K: "I like these." Me: "They need more chicharrones." K: "I knew you would say that." She even dropped a few by the butcher shop, perhaps in the hope that they would start making their own again.

Having successfully made them once, she decided it was time to be a bit more creative. Why not add something else to the mix? Her choice: semi-sweet chocolate chips. She also added quite a few more chicharrones, to humor her mother. So she crushed and melted and mixed and pressed and waited. We cut in and tasted. This time we were both thrilled.

Bow down, lesser pastry chefs. This is your future competition.

You want the recipe? Then head over to WineBookGirl to learn how to make K's Cereal Bars: A Chocolate-Chip, Boo-Berry and Chicharrones Rice Krispies Treat. (We'll try making them ourselves if we can find a place that sells Boo-Berry cereal! Or, better yet, maybe we'll buy them when they become available for purchase at a local farmers market and/or grocery store. Hint, hint.)

[via @4505Meats]