Perhaps wisely, given the multi-year clusterfuck of the Central Subway construction on their doorstep, the Apple Store at 1 Stockton Street is relocating next year to the big space currently occupied by Levi's at 300 Post Street, right up the street at the northeast corner of Union Square.

Levi's is relocating their flagship store later this year to a new as yet undisclosed location at 815 Market Street, next door to Old Navy. As CBS reports Mayor Ed Lee issued a statement today about Apple's move to the space, which is 45 percent bigger than where they are now. "I can think of no better location for the world’s most stunning Apple Store than right here in Union Square," Lee said.

We wonder, actually, if Apple didn't ask for some kind of concessions from the city due to the Central Subway thing causing an obvious disruption to foot traffic.

The new store will employ 50 more people than they currently do at the existing store, and this store will join Apple's other two retail locations in the city, in the Marina and at the Stonestown mall.

We're still waiting to hear if the company is still interested in the Castro, which they allegedly were earlier this year — though they deny having any interest in the big former bank and Diesel location at Castro and Market, which is instead slated to become an all-male burlesque club, if the new owners get their way.