A gaggle of young adults peeled off their clothing for the semesterly Naked Run last week at UC Berkeley. Lots of jiggling breasts and male bits can be seen in this video, so: NSFW.

Cal's legendary Naked Run showcases a reported "30-minute rush of ecstasy to the halls" of Moffitt Library. Also of note? According to UC Berkeley's the Daily Clog, who participated in the presumably liberating jog, hardly anyone got wasted prior to running. (!) Naked runner/budding journalist Katherine Velicki reports, "While some participants may have slipped under our radar, we found that the vast majority did not drink at all before disrobing."

Laura Zepeda -- clearly too frazzled by studying to hold her phone horizontally, so let's all give her a break -- took the following footage of the students releasing some steam. Enjoy.