Big, one of our favorite bars in the city, will soon call it quits — June 15th, to be exact. You have almost exactly one month to check out the smallest little bar of cute (the owners and bartenders would HATE that descriptive) in the world. It's tough — built Ford tough, one might say — but also downright darling. A seamless mix of two opposing elements, really. Chaos, control, chaos, control.

For starters, the drinks made there are some of the best in the city. And the stemware is as gorgeous as it is diverse. (Who care about stemware? WE CARE ABOUT STEMWARE.) And secondly, Tango & Stache will be there tonight (disclosure: your SFist editor often works with T&S on weeknights, helping take your cash for savory, booze-soaking food), serving espolon-braised pork on duck fat tostada shells, with spicy slaw, fried duck egg and fresh horseradish (for $9) and fried pig ears too boot.

We should point out the, however slim, a reprieve is possible. Stay tuned.

Head over to Big at 761 Post (at Leavenworth), S.F.