Gifted San Francisco-based street photographer Travis Jensen has a brand-spanking new photography exhibit opening tonight. The show, entitled 'Barbary Coast Now,' will showcase more of Travis' indelible black and white images captured on the streets of S.F., some of which you're seen on this site. The show will run at the Gensler Art space through June 29.

Here's what he has to say about working in his city of choice:

I’ve truly seen it all in this town, everything from being shot at from pointblank range to witnessing the birth of my two beautiful children. I can’t really see myself living any place else, and I never get bored roaming the streets with a camera. I understand this city and its inhabitants — people from all walks of life, and they understand me. Every now and again I’ll have someone question what I’m doing to which I simply reply, “That’s what I do, I take pictures of people…”

Tonight: 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Gensler Art, 2 Harrison Street, (415) 433-3700

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