Hot off the heels of his James Beard Award for 'Rising Star Chef', Mission Chinese Food's Danny Bowien is planning another restaurant in San Francisco. Bowien has spent much of the last year exporting the MCF concept to an NYC location, and some feared he'd stay there for good. Not so.

Bowien told Inside Scoop that the new restaurant won't be Chinese, but it will be "insane," challenging and Asian:

“It’s going to be insane. It’s going to challenge people. I want to make food that we definitely want to eat on our day off — food that cooks want to eat, that diners want to eat … It’ll be Asian. It’s not going to be Chinese — I don’t think. I don’t think I can convince Jesse to cook any more Chinese food [laughs] … It’s going to be a twin concept restaurant. We’re actually going away for a lot of R&D.”

Jesse Koide is Bowien right-hand man and current S.F. MCF chef. No word yet on where the new restaurant will be (perhaps it will share space with another nondescript food spot like Lung Shan?) or what all this R&D is all about, but we're hoping the result will be delicious as it will be hyped.

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