"Not all that long ago, appreciating whiskey meant boring your friends with peat profiles or sucking up to your father-in-law on the golf course," reads the introduction to 10 Best Whiskey Bars In America in the latest issue of GQ, where they've only just now figured out this whole whiskey thing. "Now, thanks to a new generation of genius bartenders and rebel distillers, whiskey is the official drink of the people." So where in San Francisco can one go to find this new populist beverage?

Rickhouse in the Financial District, of course, where you'll find suspender clad mixologists pouring the stuff. Here's GQ again:

You'd feel like you're picking from a whiskey geek's private stash, if it weren't for the crowd of attractive people with the same intel.

Alternatively, SFist recommends skipping the crowds and heading for a $5 Whiskey of the Month at the Page, where your whiskey geek bartender will save you the trouble of the binder-thick menu and just pour you a glass of brown liquor with some ice cubes.

Rickhouse: 246 Kearny (at Bush), S.F.
The Page: 298 Divisadero (at Oak), S.F.