Just one week after the makers of Monster Beverage sued San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera, the D.A. has struck back. Today, Herrera filed the People of the State of California v. Monster Beverage Corporation, a lawsuit challenging the "unfair, deceptive, and unlawful business practices" of the company.

The lawsuit argues that Monster's marketing practices reach children and teens in disregard for health threats suggested by researchers, including "significant morbidity in adolescents, elevated blood pressure, brain seizures, and severe cardiac events". These findings have prompted a separate FDA investigation.

From the lawsuit:

MONSTER aggressively markets its products to children and teenagers by sponsoering youth sports tournaments and prominently featuring profiles of youth ranging in age from 6 to 17 on its Monster Army website. MONSTER also targets children and teenagers by promoting a "lifestyle" that features extreme sports, music, gaming, military themes, and the scantily-clad "Monster Girls."

Herrera also takes issue with Monster's "unsubstantiated claims about the purported special benefits of its 'killer' ingredients and 'energy blend' that 'unleash the beast'" Although we might consider ourselves lucky that this particular beast, whatever it is, remains leashed.

Herrera says that the lawsuit is not a retaliation for last week's suit filed against him by Monster claiming that they were being unfairly singled out by the D.A. Herrera says the company is the biggest offender in a host of energy drink slingers that includes Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy and PepsiCo's Amp.

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Herrera photo credit: shawncalhoun