The skidmarks at Coldwell Banker, hawking 2020 Ellis, have helped coin a new neighborhood name. And it's disgusting. Anza Vista/Western Addition is now allegedly called—are you sitting down?—North of NOPA. Yes, it's called "North of North of the Panhandle." And then your head explodes and everyone dies. Game over. Bye.

Why? Because real estate ilk assume buyers are scared at the idea of living in Anza Vista or, more likely, Western Addition. But you knew that already.

Designed by one of the city's best architects, Stanley Saitowitz, 2020 Ellis is certainly not one of his most important works, that's for sure. (Which is fine; Mr. Saitowitz is popping up in other places in much more splendid ways.) But is North of NOPA, in fact, a thing? No. No, it is not. Not according to Craigslist. Not according to Uptown Almanac. And Ellen Huet of the Chronicle is very skeptical:

As Uptown Almanac ribs, "Can't wait until they rename the Panhandle 'South of the North of the Panhandle'. Fucking idiots." Indeed.

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