After 50 public meetings over the last three years (jesus, that makes us exhausted just typing it), Dolores Park Works has announced that they will finally be taking the publicly approved conceptual design to Rec & Parks for approval in June. The Planning Commission unanimously rejected a last-minute appeal by a particularly vocal neighborhood mother who was trying to hold up the process over the issue of the off-leash dog area being situation next to the playground.

Also, a potential appeal involving the possible preservation of that disgusting bathroom building in the center, which is set for demolition, never took shape. (SF Heritage does, however, want the construction crews to be careful around any "accidental discovery of human remains" when they start digging up parts of the park again, because, as you may know, it all used to be a cemetery.)

This means that if all goes well, the actual renovations are set to begin in October as planned, with half of the park closed for six months while half of these renovations occur. The original plan, which we believe is unchanged, was to close the southern part of the park (with the playground, gay beach, dog area, etc.) first, with Hipster Hill and Fixie Flats to be closed off next spring, at which point all hell may break loose.

The newly renovated park will include some improved turf, and new pathway curving from the 18th and Church corner to the playground, and two new bathrooms: one near the courts at the corner of 18th and Church, and one slightly underground next to the playground near 20th and Dolores.

[Dolores Park Works via SF Appeal]

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