Compared to many places, the list of fast food options in San Francisco is bissfully short. You've got your KFC, your Taco Bell, your scattered burger franchises. That means that our most convenient burger option is often restaurant quality and yes, $10+. But one intrepid multinational fast food chain is out to change that: Burger King will soon be offering delivery in and around San Francisco.

Burger King is America's third favorite purveyor of flaccid, meatlike patties (after McDonald's and Wendy's), and we're guessing they're trying to claw their way back to relevance in the obesity debate by offering a service that, let's face it, no one does or should really need (especially since late-night delivery doesn't seem to be part of the program). BK delivery is already a thing in Houston, Miami, D.C. and New York areas, and the push for more locations will include 15 Bay Area locations, plus 20 in the L.A. and Chicago areas. It's unclear when these Bay Area locations will cover the city proper, but it looks like Oakland, Milpitas, and San Leandro are already getting in on the action.

Will citizens of S.F. ever order Burger King delivery? We'd like to answer with an emphatic no, but you never know what will catch on. Ironically, of course.

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