Although original estimates for cleaning up the two tons of Funyuns bags and It's-It wrappers left in the wake of Gate Gate Park 4/20 celebrations was initially pegged at 10 grand, the city now says the mess cost about $15,000 to clean up. One member of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors is now calling for a ban on the event.

Clearly, if our neighbors down at the UCSC Campus Police were chill they'd move that confiscated two-pound, $15,000 joint* to help defer the cleanup costs up in Golden Gate Park. Is there an eBay for weed? Surely that joint is a collectible item already.

Meanwhile, back in the Haight: Ted Loewenberg of the Haight-Ashbury Improvement Association said the aftermath "looked like a garbage truck had been detonated." Supervisor London Breed, who represents the weedy neighborhood, says she wants to stop the event from happening every year due to the blatantly irresponsible behavior and because teenagers were present — more or less the same reason the city shipped LoveFest/LovEvolution off to Oakland. "Since marijuana is illegal," Breed told ABC7. "I don't think there's anything that can be done other than making sure there's enforcement to stop the event from happening altogether."

That seems like a particularly harsh stance for the representative of a notoriously chill district to take in this case: some of those people in the park were undoubtedly card-carrying medical cannabis patients and even teenagers can get a card with parental consent. It would be more accurate to point out that smoking of any kind is illegal in city parks.

Mayor Lee, on the other hand, evaded NARC accusations by suggesting the city identify organizers they could work with to make sure the event doesn't get out of hand next year.

Update: Supervisor Breed has posted her official statement online. Even if the event were organized and run more smoothly in the future, the statement says, it would still be at a great expense to the city. She continues:

Fundamentally though, I have serious concerns about the appropriateness of the event. I spent the last decade working with children, many of whom come from families scarred by drug abuse. I am not comfortable with an event that encourages such rampant drug use by adults and minors alike. Non-medical marijuana use, and smoking of any kind on park property, is still illegal.

*Allegedly. Other sources say the now-legendary joint was probably a little shaky and only worth about $5,000-6,000. We won't speculate on the quality of the weed on the campus of Santa Cruz.

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