Pit bulls get a bad rap, we know, but if anyone is to blame for the breed's bad press it should be the awful human detritus and Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks responsible for treating them like garbage. Case in point: this man who was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges earlier this week after he wrapped up a pit bull puppy's mouth, stuffed it into a canvas bag and locked it in the backseat of his car with a reclining seat while he went to hang out with his friend for half an hour.

The suspect, who is apparently not only a terrible dog owner, but also not so good at driving either, was pulled over for a traffic violation after leaving his friend's house. When police asked him to sit up (because his seat was reclined so far back to keep the puppy trapped under it), the driver refused. A run of his license showed it was suspended and that he was on probation. When the officers searched the car they found the puppy in the bag, its face covered in vomit and biting on its own tongue.

The man was busted on multiple charges, including felony animal cruelty charges. Animal Care and Control still has to do an autopsy to determine the puppy's official cause of death, but we're sure being stuffed into a bag with its mouth wrapped shut had something to do with it.

Now seems like the perfect time to point out that the SF SPCA is has a wonderful Adopt-a-Pitbull program, where more humane pet owners than this guy can adopt a puppy. Like Daffodil here, who is just adorable.