Next week, from April 22-26, is Bike to School Week. You hear that? An entire week. Thousands of youth and students will pedal to class. Fifty-two San Francisco schools have signed up for the big event. Chew on that.

As for us? Well, believe it or not, your editor used to ride his bike to school every single day. Hand to God. We were once a regular cyclist; pedaling to and from our alma mater in a permanently sunny seaside SoCal town. And without fail, at least once a month, shortly after sixth period, somebody in our clique would be all, "Dude, someone just fucking stole my bike." (Back then, we only used those weak-ass chain locks that were as sturdy as dental floss.) And then we'd be all, "Dude, that sucks. That is most certainly not all that and a bag of chips." And they'd be like, "Black Hole Sun."

What's your biking to school memory? We ask because a) we're feeling nostalgic and b) SF Bike Coalition wants to know your favorite childhood biking memory. So spill it. Or did your rich-bitch daddy's chauffeur drive your ass to school each morning? And if so, why wouldn't you be our friend?!

To see which schools have signed up for Bike To School Week, go here. Also, don't gorget that Bike to Work Day is May 9.

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