That was fast. Much like your friend who gets sent home drunk before the party even begins, Golden Gate Fields has prematurely cancelled its All-You-Can-Drink Saturday special. As we reported Wednesday, Golden Gate Fields was set to premiere 'Bottomless Saturdays' this week in an effort to attract a younger clientele to the racetrack. But the $30 ticket, which was to include unlimited well drinks from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, was yanked "in acknowledgement of the concerns of some of its employees and some members of the community", namely, that five+ drinks over the course of an afternoon might actually not be a good thing.

“We are here to entertain the community, and if they get upset, then we are going to take their concerns seriously — and that’s what we have done,’’ Golden Gate Fields marketing boss Dan Cirimele said, according to the Chronicle. “We are not in business to upset anybody."

Come anywhere near Dollar Day and then we'll see about getting upset.

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