On Monday we brought you the news of the murder of 24-year-old Geoffrey Greer, who was shot and killed following an argument with an older man in his Nob Hill apartment complex. The lone suspect in the case, 66-year-old Robert E. Graves, is some sort of occultist and gambling enthusiast, who allegedly shot and killed Greer following an argument over a rooftop party. Graves has pleaded not guilty, and says the police report about the incident is "factually flawed."

There is still little information about what exactly went down late Friday night on the 1100 block of Pacific Avenue. It appears that Greer and his friends were having a party on the roof, and Graves didn't like it. Strangely, one witness reported that Graves asked Greer during their argument if he was the son of a cop. The shooting took place around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, and Graves was immediately taken into custody.

As the Examiner reports, Graves is the author of a book on using psychokinetic energy to win at craps. It's called The Art of Psychic Dice.

Greer was a senior associate for the global media agency MEC.