The dearth of creativity and art in San Francisco is apparent and nothing short of horrifying. That is, until now. The fine folks behind Pride-season's GayGlo (remember that?) are back again (finally) and putting on a weekend-long show in honor of the return of Christ (or "Christ"). It's called the Zombie Christ Haunted House and it will be the best thing to happen to Easter since the advent of the Cadbury Egg.

Here's the deal: Brian Busta (aka Chickpea) and some crazy-ass faeries have taken over the old Tower Records space on Market and Noe, and have created a weekend pop-up haunted house. Christ has risen, but this weekend he's coming back as a zombie. A gay zombie, probably. You dig? Early word is that the final setup is brilliant. And if the legacy/aesthetic of GayGlo is any indication (do your homework, twinks), it's going to be way boss.

The haunted house happens on Friday and Saturday from 9pm-midnight. But the big bet is an Easter Day dance party on Sunday from 4pm-7pm (a good rainy Sunday alternative to the party Dolores Park).

If you don't go, you've failed at Easter and hate God. Speaking of, the fete will presumably be critical of Christianity. Just a heads up.

Donations run $10-$20. And proceeds go to LGBT senior housing, counseling, radical queer nuns. If you want to volunteer, go here. If you want more information, go here. If you yearn to have a bitchin' Easter, go here.

Starts tonight (Friday) and goes until Easter Sunday. Next door to Cafe Flore. Hop to it, kids.