Earlier this year, local gay porn concern Naked Sword shot their own penetrating send-up of Supervisor Scott Wiener's nudity ban in full view of the Castro at Jane Warner Plaza. Now, that salacious satire has its very own trailer. It is, as you might expect, very NSFW. Naturally, we have embedded it below. (This post itself, we should note, is safe for the office.)

The film is part of Naked Sword's Golden Gate series [link NSFW], which will parody last year's nudity ban in the XXX-rated show's fifth season. As we noted previously, Castro Supervisor Scott Wiener is replaced here by "Supervisor Scott Cox," portrayed by a Jake Gyllenhaal-esque Dale Cooper. During the shooting, studly volunteers appeared alongside actual local nudists and noted naked person Gypsy Taub plays herself. And look, they quoted us:


AGAIN: THE TRAILER BELOW IS VERY MUCH NOT SAFE FOR WORK. As in: you will see some penises. And not just the floppy kind that keep appearing at all the pro-nudity rallys. After about the 1:00 mark, this is For Real, 100% man-on-man (-on-man, -on-man...) pornography. (It's OK for the library though.) You have been warned.

Update: We've embedded a new, YouTube-friendly censored version below which is clean aside from some naughty language and innuendo. Not that we would want to censor anyone's porn viewing habits, but you know, some people have jobs:

If you'd still like to see the original, er uncut version, you can find that NSFW trailer on Naked Sword here.

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