A woman in the Bayview was attacked by a man and his pit bull after she rejected the dog owner's sexual advances Sunday afternoon. According to a witness, the victim was walking in the area of Underwood Avenue and Keith Street when she passed the suspect and his dog. The suspect approached the victim carrying an unopened can of beer and grabbed the woman's chest. When she pushed him away, the suspect sicced his dog on her.

According to police, "the dog did as he was told and latched onto the victim's arm." When the suspect tried to shake the dog's grip, the suspect hit her on the head with the beer can, knocked her to the ground and started kicking her. The woman managed to escape the filthy animal (the suspect, that is) and run to safety. Officers reporting to the scene around 2:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon found the suspect with the animal nearby. The vicious dog was sent to the pound by Animal Care & Control, while the suspect went to Bayview Station to be booked on multiple charges of aggravated assault.