Today comes news that a man in rural Marin County has been arrested after allegedly brandishing a "sharpened deer antler" at sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday night. The officers were responding to a call and found the man in his relative's trailer, where he was yelling, breaking windows and generally causing an unpleasant scene. The police were informed that the man was on drugs, and he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a deadly weapon and vandalism.

Although the man doesn't sound like your typical urban hipster, we can't help but note that the guy's deadly weapon of choice opens up all kinds of twee comparisons. Wall-mounted deer antlers are, as everyone knows, so hot right now, and if we were considering a career in hipster crime, a sharpened deer antler would be our go-to.

Other possible hipster/yuppie weapons and accoutrement to consider might include:
- artisanal hemlock liquor
- Barbour waxed canvas body bag
- "blunt" object
- Marin Sun Farms hand-braided ponyhair noose
- your vegan roommate's undercooked kidney beans

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