Boats! These sea-faring doodads are popular with some people, no? Sources tell us that sailing enthusiasts will be flocking to town come summer for the culmination of the American's Cup contest that's been on the minds/lips/hearts of every able-bodied local seaman for ... what already feels like a really long time. And they'll need a place to rest their heads after a long day of watching world-class catamarans do whatever they do.

Real estate types and local property owners have jumped on the opportunity faster than you can say "wingsailed multihulls", and the result is a pretty gruesome short-term rental landscape come summer.

Our favorite pick? It's not this $2,000/night Marina home (we get it, it's a great location). Nor is it this $40,000/month Twin Peaks house that promises sweeping ocean and bay views (Ha. Ha. Ha.) and sleeps 14 ... invite your Little League team, we guess?

No, the prize goes to this Real World: America's Cup potential property (rejected for lack of hot tub) that's asking $25,000 per month for a 2 bedroom/2 bath. Yes, if everyone's sharing beds that's $6,250/person assuming it sleeps four, or $4,167/person if the ad is to be believed. But, folks, a master bedroom plus a room with two pull-out couches does not a comfortable sleeping arrangement for six make. At all.

Got any more evidence of America's Cup price gouging? We're all ears. And if you've got friends/family coming in to town for the action, we humbly suggest you offer your couch or roll out the welcome sleeping mat on the floor.