Is nothing sacred? Louie's, the perfect little bar on Stevenson that serves perfect nachos with chemical-laced, drizzly orange cheese, is getting a major food overhaul. The guys behind the Tempest, who are scoring the place and its liquor license, will keep the bar's vibe the same (e.g., dice at the bar, baseball on TV), but will change the menu.

Inside Scoop has the details:

Along with some tweaks to the lighting and music, one thing they are going to change is the food program, which will get a complete overhaul, courtesy of chef Stephen Crawford, a Michael Mina vet who runs the food program at the Tempest (see his review in the Examiner here). The Louie’s menu will be similar, but not the same.

We're bringing a personal jar of Cheez Whiz in our man-purse during night games, Mr Michael Mina vet. You've been warned.

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