Noted yoga pants manufacturer Lululemon has issued a recall on certain pairs of "tighter fitting" women's yoga pants which the company concedes are a little more sheer than their customers would like.

From the company's recall page:

What is the issue?
• Some of our bottoms were made with a batch of black luon that doesn’t meet our standards so we’ve pulled them from our floors and our website. [...]

What items are affected?
• It’s certain styles concentrated in our tighter fitting silhouettes in women’s black luon bottoms.

How are the items affected?
• The ingredients, weight and longevity qualities of the women’s black luon bottoms remain the same but the coverage does not, resulting in a level of sheerness in some of our women’s black luon bottoms that fall short of our very high standards.

Apparently, the sheer scandal was caught last week when some store managers expressed concern that a recent shipment of pants was showing a little bit more than the rest of their yogi-friendly lines. About 17% of Lululemon's extensive ladies' pants inventory was pulled from shelves and stockrooms across the country over the weekend, the company says.

For anyone who fears they may have purchased see-thru yoga pants, the recall only affects bottoms made from the company's proprietary "Luon" material and purchased after March 1st. Offending pairs of pants may be returned to Lululemon stores for a full refund or exchanged for (slightly) less revealing leggings. The company expects there to be a slight shortage in their pants supply for the next few weeks and Lululemon Chief Executive Christine Day told her legions of followers: "We regret any inconvenience this has caused for our guests."