24th Street watchdog Uptown Almanac alerts us to a statement made by Supervisor David Campos last week with regard to the sale of small liquor bottles (pints and half-pints and such), and single cans or bottles of beer at neighborhood liquor stores in the Mission. He said he was "very much against" the sale of these single-servings, which "can create a number of problems." [See correction below.]

It would seem like a bad thing for little neighborhood markets serving low-income communities if they're suddenly not allowed to sell pints, or whathaveyou. Campos refers to "beer" in bottles or cans of "24 ounces" or smaller, so we guess that means that 40s and six-packs would be OK, as well as fifths or 750ml bottles of hard alcohol.

It's unclear when, or if, Campos is looking to introduce any such legislation.

[Uptown Almanac]

Correction: Campos aide Nathan Albee reached out to clarify that actually the opposite of the above is true. It gets complicated, but the proposed changes Campos was speaking would apply to small grocery stores and would allow them to sell beer and wine, including tallboys and six packs, but no liquor. This is to help them be more competitive with corporate grocery chains. No changes are proposed for existing liquor stores that sell small and large alcohol bottles.