You know that Sports Basement near Crissy Field? It's going to become a museum of visual storytelling, if George Lucas has his way.

According to The Chronicle, the 68-year-old filmmaker (of Indiana Jones, American Graffiti, and of course, Star Wars fame) wants the space in the Presidio in order to showcase the art, most of which would be illustrations, which he’s been collecting for the past 40 years. (If Lucas has a bucket list, he’s really making some headway on it recently. It would go something like: Sell your production company for $4 billion, retire, propose to longtime girlfriend, bid to open the art museum you’ve always wanted.)

The Lucas Cultural Arts Museum, as it’s called in his bid on the Presidio Trust website, would cost the city and the Presidio Trust no money. It would be a gift to the city -- meaning, he would paying for everything. Because he’s rich.