Scores of parties (none of which the staff at SFist has been invited to, damnit) are happening tonight around the Embarcadero in honor of The Bay Lights, which begins in just a few hours. We've been championing this project since we first got wind of it, so we're wildly excited to see it twinkle up the night. Using 25,000 LEDs, artist Leo Villareal creates patterns from "waves in the San Francisco Bay, traffic, wind, and the environment to complete his vision." Which is to say, it should look super rad.

Here's where you can and should watch tonight's show.

If you cannot make it to the Emabrcadero to see the sculpture's debut, check out for a live viewing.

The project is expected to generating a whopping $97 million for the Bay Area economy. The Creators Project latest in-depth documentary, called The Bay Lights Project, will focus on the massive project and will be released later this month on March 12. Below, a preview of the documentary: