The owners of the Oakland Athletics, who back in 2009 announced that they were saying "See ya" to Oakland and moving down to San Jose, might be one step closer to making that happen. The LA Times reported today that MLB commissioners had sent the A's ownership tentative guidelines for making a move to San Jose, but it's unclear what that means. The Oakland Tribune is quick to say, "Oakland is no closer to losing the A's, and San Jose is no closer to getting the Major League Baseball franchise it covets."

All that seems to be known is that the A's might not have to compensate the Giants, who technically had jurisdiction over Santa Clara County. That doesn't mean, though, that the City of San Francisco wouldn't make good on their threat to sue over the decision, however.

The A's had a pretty great season last year, winning the American League West playoff. And Oakland certainly is desperate to hold on to them, but hasn't yet been able to come up with any feasible plan to do so.

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