We all should have seen this coming, but San Francisco gay porn concern NakedSword [very NSFW] is taking on the nudity ban and Supervisor Scott Wiener, in a new porn parody called The Cover Up. A location shoot, with the aid of extras, took place Sunday at Jane Warner Plaza. And one of the characters in the film is named Supervisor Scott Cox. (Get it?)

Cox will be portrayed by porn star Dale Cooper (pictured), and the film is being directed by veteran directrix and Castro resident Mr. Pam.

As the Castro Biscuit reports, porn performers disrobed alongside volunteer extras and actual local naturists for a faux protest at the Plaza. Local nudist activist Gypsy Taub, naturally, plays herself. And there were also fictional counter-protesters, for the sake of the drama, with signs saying "Re-Elect Cox." And, since they had a legit permit from the city, all the nudity was condoned and legal.

Mr. Pam says, "I live in the Castro ... I see the naked guys every day. I don’t understand what the big deal is and it upsets me to see our City is being turned into such a conservative town by people like Scott Wiener. Let’s keep the Castro funky!"

Sadly, there were also some kids across the street at Harvey Milk Plaza, not participating in the shoot, trying to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

NakedSword is a locally based video-on-demand company that has, in recent years, been shooting more original content in the vein of old-school porn studios. The Cover Up follows on a number of recent original productions shot in and around the Castro, including Hooker Stories, Golden Gate, and Truck — a series shot at Mission gay bar Truck.

See some more NSFW photos from the scene here.

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[Castro Biscuit]

Porn star Dale Cooper plays Supervisor Scott Cox.