A friend of SFist just alerted us to this flyer, which was passed around at Giants FanFest on February 9th. It's sponsored by Local 2, the hospitality union, and it points out that despite now having won two World Series and the team's operating income has subsequently gone up $63 million, concession workers at AT&T Park have seen zero dollars in wage increases over the last four years, or 1419 days.

It's not a bad point — the hometeam's overall value, they say, is up $160 million since 2009, attendance is up 18%, ticket prices are up 22%, and beer prices have gone up 9% since 2009. They've set up a website devoted to this quiet protest, TheGiantZero.com, which is not yet a strike but perhaps represents the threat of one down the line. Workers are currently working without a contract, and have been since 2010.

The 750 workers at AT&T Park are employed by South Carolina-based Centerplate, but Local 2 says they've been told at the bargaining table that it's the Giants who control the pricing at the park and take a significant share of the park's revenue.

If you're curious, or if you know someone who works at the park, you can sign up here for updates on the dispute.