On the heels of meteor that landed in Russia injuring over 900 people, a streak of blue and green was spotted over San Francisco Friday night, believed to be a meteorite (or, more likely, just a shooting star). Folks on Twitter and Facebook reported seeing the a flash of the hovering object at around 8 p.m. Sightings, according to KGO, were reported throughout the Bay Area, "from Santa Clara to Fairfield, and even in the Central Valley cities of Fresno and Stockton."

YouTube user caiden915x ostensibly caught the flash of light while driving on the 280, saying, "Driving Southbound 280 in San Francisco Bay Area and we see a bright blue shooting star fly across towards the Peninsula. Looked amazing in person! Thought it was a meteor like Russia for a second. "

Real or fake? You decide:

According to AP, "The Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland reports receiving calls describing what appeared to be a fireball flying west Friday night, but it's not clear what the object was." An estimated 10 meteorites hit Earth per year, "but large meteors such as the one in Russia are rarer." If you recall, a meteorite landed near the Easy Bay town of Martinez last October.