In gelatin news, some clever advertising executives have dreamed up a ploy that's left us emotionally conflicted, slightly irritated and hungry for chocolate pudding. To mend our broken hearts post-Super Bowl loss, Jello-O will be deploying free pudding cups (or "consolation cups" as they're calling them) at five strategic locations all day tomorrow—or, ominously, "while supplies last".

While we're all for free food, it's hard not to feel that our heartbreak is being exploited for a gelatin-based marketing win. It feels like maybe Jell-O doesn't even really care about us, you know? As people, with emotional needs we depend on our sports team to fulfill? We'd know there's an inverse version of this campaign in some back room digital trash bin that shows Baltimore getting a sympathy pudding drop while the Niners make confetti snow angels of sweet victory, and we'd far prefer to be seeing that.

But if they're just giving them to us for free, I guess we should ... eat them?