The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club is petitioning the Board of Supervisors to rename the 100 block of Turk Street after pioneering transgender drag performer Vicki Marlane. And since "lane" is already in her name, they're suggesting it be called "Vicki MarLane."

Loyal SFist readers may recall us eulogizing Marlane, who died in 2011, and who at 76 was believed to be the oldest, continuously performing, transgender performer in the country. Nicknamed the "girl with the liquid spine," Marlane began performing in drag in the 1950s, moving to San Francisco and performing at various popular female impersonation venues here like Finocchio's in North Beach. She ultimately had gender reassignment surgery in the early 1980s, but continued performing in a drag vein until shortly before her death.

The Milk Club cites that in addition to being the home of Marlane's last performance home, Aunt Charlies, the 100 block of Turk Street was also home to the former site of Compton's Cafeteria, where trans women revolted against a police raid in a pre-Stonewall riot in 1966. They are advocating for "a visible testament to Vicki Marlane and to the contributions of the trans community to San Francisco," and if you agree, you can sign the petition here.

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