We told you two days ago about the guy who got shot in the hand during an armed robbery at 30th and Mission. Well, move up the hill from La Lengua and there's actually been a string of armed robberies around Bernal Heights recently, which are perhaps the work of the same group of thieves. That shooting happened at 4 a.m. Monday, January 21, and on the night of the 22nd, four young women were mugged in separate incidents, at gunpoint, near Cortland Avenue.

Bernalwood then tells us of three more incidents just last night. The first: A woman was mugged by two armed thugs who ran at her from across the street, pointing a gun and telling her to give them everything. This was on Andover Street between Cortland and Ellert. The woman threw everything she had on the ground, and they told her she had "four seconds to run." She ran into a nearby store and called police.

While the victim and her boyfriend (who came to meet her) were talking to police, two more muggings took place nearby, and one victim was pistol-whipped.

Careful out there, Bernal Heights!